Sri lankan Tambun Hodda

The ancient post natal care helped the mother's health and produced enough milk for the baby. The bath given with five kinds of herbal leaves, the fermentation of the breasts and the spine with these boiled leaves helped to preserve the mother's health. The "Tambun Hodda" or the "Kayam Hodda" helped the mother region a healthy womb. The lactating mothers were careful in the selection of food they ate so that no stomach disorders occurred. If the mother has irregular bowel movements, the baby generally contracts it. So, when treating such babies we already consider the mother's health too. The symptoms of indigestion in infants are often that the stools are of a mixture of water and loose stools. At times they pass mucus. Sometimes even a trace of blood. Infants at times strain even when passing mucus. The stools are usually strong smelling and they also appear green in colour. ශරීරයේ මේදය දහනය කරන සෙම් රෝග නසන කායම්/රසම් හොද්ද Sri lankan kayam hodda by Apé Amma
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